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Cover image for cllr guide to homelessness sector doc

A councillor's guide to leading the homelessness sector

In this guide, we seek to provide councillors whether in cabinet, scrutiny or their own wards, with some key information about homelessness.

Fire safety of cladding system - supporting residents front cover

Supporting residents who have been affected by cladding issues

This Local Government Association (LGA) briefing is aimed at ward councillors supporting residents in their local areas. It explains the background to the cladding scandal, highlights issues facing residents, and sets out ways in which councillors might support them.

Specialised supported housing: guidance for local government and NHS commissioners

This is guidance for local government and NHS commissioners about a category of supported housing referred to as ‘Specialised Supported Housing’ (SSH), particularly lease-based models of SSH.

Local Plan Housing Allocations Survey - research report

In September and October 2020 the Local Government Association (LGA) conducted a survey of Heads of Planning of English local authorities with responsibility for planning. The purpose of this survey was to estimate the number of dwellings allocated in local plans which had not yet either received permission or were yet under consideration.

Front cover of lessons learnt publication

Lessons learnt from councils' response to rough sleeping during the COVID-19 pandemic

The success of Everyone In demonstrates that, given the mandate and funding, councils, working with their partners, have the means to end the vast majority of rough sleeping.

Front cover of HAP prospectus

Housing Advisers Programme Prospectus 2020/21

The Housing Advisers Programme is designed to support councils by helping them meet their local housing need. It aims to be simple, flexible and locally led.


Meeting the home adaptation needs of older people

COVID-19 has shown there is an urgent need for government to ensure that councils and local partners have the necessary funding to enable timely and effective home adaptations for older and disabled people, to help ensure their safety, wellbeing and independence during and beyond the pandemic.

OPE front cover

One Public Estate and Land Release Fund prospectus

The One Public Estate (OPE) programme is a partnership between the Office of Government Property in Cabinet Office, the Local Government Association (LGA) and the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG).

Improving the private rented sector: a guide for councils

Improving the private rented sector: A guide for councils

This toolkit is one of three publications produced by Housing Quality Network (HQN) for the Local Government Association (LGA) on helping councils and their partners to improve standards in the private rented sector.