Work Local Consultation: analysis of feedback - September 2017

This report summarises the key feedback messages from the LGA ‘Work Local’ consultation which ran between 5 July and 5 September 2017.

Work Local is the LGA’s vision for an integrated and devolved employment and skills service – bringing together information, advice and guidance alongside the delivery of employment, skills, apprenticeships and wider support for individuals and employers.

It was delivered by the Learning and Work Institute. The consultation sought responses to the proposals outlined in the ‘Work Local’ report and feedback was received on the following key areas: reform, challenges posed by the current system, integrated services, strengths and risks of the proposal, devolving funding for employment and skills and local governance and partnership.

Some issues such as local need, funding and the duplication and complexity of activity were relevant to several of these areas and are included in this analysis wherever they were mentioned and therefore will appear in more than one theme.

Work Local Consultation: analysis of feedback - September 2017 COVER
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