The LGA provides a range of tools and support to help councils and councillors further strengthen local accountability and improve their performance. Peer challenge and peer support are fundamental parts of this offer to support self-regulation and sector-led improvement. They form part of our ‘Taking the Lead' offer.  Member peers are at the heart of these. They are accredited to support councils and their councillors with their improvement and learning by providing a ‘practitioner perspective' and ‘critical friend' challenge. Each of the four political groups at the LGA has a poll of member peers and lead member peers.

Find out more about sector-led improvement, the approach and the LGA Offer - including the opportunity for each council and fire and rescue service to have a corporate peer challenge, at no charge, once every three years - and read case studies.

Independent Group member peers work closely with the Independent Group Political Improvement Sub-Committee to ensure that support is provided when needed and within the resources available to the Group. This work is headed by the national lead peer member and three regional lead peers.

Cllr Mike Haines
Independent Group National Lead Peer
representing the South West






Cllr Colin Mann
Independent Group Regional Lead Peer
representing London and the South East, plus the Plaid Cymru Councillors in Wales





Cllr Graham Brown
Independent Group Regional Lead Peer
representing West Midlands and North West, plus the Independents in Wales





Cllr Phelim MacCaffertyCllr Phelim Mac Cafferty
Independent Group Regional Lead Peer
representing East Midlands and East England






Cllr Shirley PannellCllr Shirley Pannell
Independent Group Regional Peer
representing North East and Yorkshire & Humberside


If you are interested in receiving support from any of our lead member peers or if would like to know more about the work of our Independent Group member peers, please contact:

Sarah Woodhouse, Head of the Group Office
Telephone: 020 7664 3206

To apply for accreditation, please complete this application form